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Managing Successful Programmes: 2011 (MSP) Foundation & Practitioner

Managing Successful Programmes: 2011 (MSP) Foundation & Practitioner
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Course Specifications

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Course Number:


Course Length:

5 days

Course Description Overview:

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) represents proven good practice in programme management for successfully delivering transformational change. Programme management is increasingly being recognised as a key tool to enable organisations to deliver their strategy and manage that transformation. The MSP Framework provides an adaptable route map for programme management, bringing together key principles, governance themes and a set of interrelated processes to facilitate the delivery of business transformation.


The five-day MSP Foundation & Practitioner course will take candidates from foundation level concepts through to advanced level understanding of the MSP framework. Following the course candidates will be able to understand the relationships between MSP Principles, MSP Governance Themes and MSP Transformational Flow, and can apply this understanding to a given programme scenario. Successful completion of the Foundation and Practitioner examinations will give the delegate a recognised international qualification; understood and identified in industry as a mark of quality for Programme Managers.


Course Objectives:

The MSP framework is designed to enable the delivery of transformational change and the achievement of an organisation’s strategic objectives. Programmes exist in the tension zone between the strategic direction of the organisation, the delivery of change capability by projects and the need to maintain business performance and stability while realising and exploiting the benefits from the investments.


MSP defines programme management as ‘the action of carrying out the coordinated organisation, direction and implementation of a dossier and transformation activities to achieve outcomes and realise benefits of strategic importance to the business.’


As well as the guidance detailed within MSP, candidates will learn about the themes running throughout the MSP methodology. On completion of this courses candidates will be able to:

· Distinguish between projects and programmes

· Identify the MSP defined types of programme and their characteristics

· Explain the benefits of applying the MSP guidance to the management of a programme of transformational change

· Explain the purpose and areas of focus of the defined roles

· Identify additional value as a result of managing change as an MSP programme

· Explain and apply each of the MSP principles, the governance themes and the transformational flow processes and their activities

· Explain the relationship between the MSP principles, governance themes, the transformational flow, programme information (documents) and the MSP defined programme management roles

· Produce and evaluate examples of MSP programme information (documents)


Target Student:

Although there is no mandatory requirement, ideally candidates should have at least two years professional experience working in Project or Programme Management. The MSP Foundation would suit candidates working in the following professions or areas:

  • Members of a programme office
  • Business change team members
  • Project delivery team members
  • Anyone who needs to understand the terminology and concepts underpinning MSP and those wishing to pursue higher level qualifications; e.g. programme managers, business change managers and senior responsible owners


The above list is a suggestion only; individuals may wish to attend based on their own career aspirations, personal goals or objectives. Delegates may take as few or as many Intermediate qualifications as they require, and to suit their needs.



This course leads to foundation certification in the initial stages of training. Assuming candidates pass their Foundation examination, there is no prerequisite to attending this course.


To complete the latter stage of training and sit the Practitioner examination the Foundation certification is required. It is strongly recommended that candidates should have a good understanding of project and programme management.


Course-specific Technical Requirements Hardware:


Course-specific Technical Requirements Software:
Course Content:

Section 1 – Course overview and introduction


Section 2 – MSP foundation overview and principles


Section 3 – MSP governance themes


Section 4 – MSP transformational flow


Section 5 – MSP practitioner concepts


Section 6 – MSP practitioner governance themes


Section 7 – Practice foundation exams


Section 8 – Practitioner examination preparation


Section 9 – Group activities and buzz exercises

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