Our National Qualifications Framework
(NQF) Road Map
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We are pleased to inform you that QCTO (Quality Council for Trades & Occupations) has recommended us to register for the below historically registered qualifications with MICT SETA (Media Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority).
National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 6 Learning Programmes
National Certificate : Business Analysis, SAQA ID: 63909, 149 Credits
Skills Programmes
National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 5 Learning Programmes
National Certificate : Business Analysis Support Practice, SAQA ID: 63769, 138 Credits
National Certificate : IT (Systems Development), SAQA ID: 48872, 131 Credits
National Certificate : IT Systems Support, SAQA ID: 48573, 147 Credits
Skills Programmes

Advanced Facilitation, NQF5, 25 credits 

Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment, NQF5, 15 credits

Emotional Intelligence, NQF5, 8 credits 

Diversity, NQF5, 15 credits

Conflict Management, NQF5, 8 credits

Disaster Risk Reduction, NQF5, 10 credits

Hardware and Infrastructure Support for Office Products, NQF5, 34 credits (PDI +)

IT: Systems Development, NQF5, 111 credits (CIW Web Foundations)

National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 4 Learning Programmes

FETC: IT: Technical Support, SAQA ID: 78964, NQF4, 190 credits 

AAT: FETC: Accounting Technician, SAQA ID: 77143, NQF4, 120 credits

FETC: Contact Centre Operations, SAQA ID: 93996, NQF4, 160 credits

FETC: Project Management (PMP), SAQA ID: 50080, NQF4, 178 credits

FETC: Generic Management, SAQA ID: 57712, NQF4, 150 credits [LP: 74630 General Management]

FETC: Generic Management, SAQA ID: 57712, NQF4, 171 credits [LP: 93950 Human Resource Support]

FETC: Business Administration Services, SAQA ID: 61595, NQF4, 147 credits

FETC: Marketing, SAQA ID: 67464, NQF4, 143 credits [LP: 59276 Marketing]

Skills Programmes

Teamwork, NQF4, 3 credits

Teams and Problem Solving, NQF4, 7 credits

Business Environment and Strategy, NQF4, 23 credits

Business Ethics and Time Management, NQF4, 10 credits

Customer Delight, NQF4, 13 credits

Human Resources, NQF4, 8 credits

What is Management, NQF4, 17 credits

Personal Effectiveness, NQF4, 10 credits

Working with People, NQF4, 12 credits

Introduction to Project Management, NQF4, 21 credits

Working with Finances, NQF4, 15 credits

Working in a Team, NQF4, 12 credits

The Business Environment, NQF4, 24 credits

Administration Procedures, NQF4, 18 credits

Fundamentals of Project Management, NQF4, 5 credits

Managing Project Teams, NQF4, 8 credits

Marketing Team Work Principles, NQF4, 14 credits

Organisational Ethics and Professional Practice, NQF4, 12 credits

The Target Market and Product Positioning, NQF4, 14 credits

Marketing Resources, NQF4, 21 credits

Servicing Customers of the Business, NQF4, 12 credits

Meeting Marketing Performance Standards, NQF4, 14 credits

Time Management, NQF4, 4 credits

Customer Service, NQF4, 8 credits

MS Office Access 2013: Basic and Intermediate, NQF4, 18 credits

Data Communications and Networking Support, NQF4, 56 credits 

Computer Technology Principals and Support, NQF4, 71 credits 

Technical Support, NQF4, 127 credits 

National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 3 Learning Programmes

National Certificate: IT: End User Computing, SAQA ID: 61591(49077), NQF3, 136 credits (Using Office 2010)

National Certificate: IT: End User Computing, SAQA ID: 61591(49077) NQF3, 169 credits (Using Office 2013)

AAT: Certificate: Accounting Technician, SAQA ID: 73710, NQF3, 120 credits

National Certificate: Business Administration Services, SAQA ID: 67465, NQF3, 147 credits

Skills Programmes

Business Fundamentals, NQF3, 87 credits

Basic PC and IT Concepts, NQF3, 30 credits

Basic PC and IT Concepts (Microsoft Office Windows 10), NQF3, 30 credits

Business Strategy, NQF3, 16 credits

People Management, NQF3, 13 credits

Basic Finance Management, NQF3, 20 credits

Customer Care, NQF3, 8 credits

Effective Coaching Skills, NQF3, 5 credits

Perform One-to-One Training on the Job, NQF3, 4 credits

Inventory & Logistics, NQF3, 34 credits

Using A Web Browser, NQF3, 10 credits

MS Office Word 2013: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, NQF3, 24 credits

MS Office Word 2013: Basic, NQF3, 12 credits

MS Office Word 2013: Intermediate and Advanced, NQF3, 12 credits

MS Office Excel 2013: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, NQF3, 19 credits

MS Office Excel 2013: Basic, NQF3, 13 credits

MS Office Excel 2013: Intermediate and Advanced, NQF3, 6 credits

MS Office PowerPoint 2013: Basic and Intermediate, NQF3, 13 credits

MS Office Outlook 2013: Basic and Intermediate, NQF3, 8 credits

National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 2 Learning Programmes

National Certificate: Contact Centre Support, SAQA ID: 71490, NQF2, 128 credits

Skills Programmes

Basic Principles of Communication and IT, NQF2, 3 credits

National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 1 Learning Programmes

Skills Programmes

• Digital Literacy, NQF1, 25 credits

• MS Office Windows 7, NQF1, 10 credits

• MS Office Windows 10, NQF1, 13 credits

• MS Office Windows 11, NQF1, 13 credits

• Computer Basics and Productivity Programmes (Digital Literacy), NQF1, 15 credits