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Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Foundation Training

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Foundation Training
Course Description Overview

Course Specifications

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Course Length:

3 days

Course Description Overview:

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) creates an environment where IT professionals can effectively orchestrate the increasing array of business solutions and services, whether they are delivered internally, externally or from the cloud.


The BCS EXIN Foundation Certificate in SIAM® is the most relevant and practical resource for skills and knowledge development, aligning Service Management framework processes and enabling businesses of any size to effectively manage multi-sourcing. This includes outsourcing, SaaS, PaaS and Cloud and benefits a very broad range of stakeholders.


Organisations are recognising an increasing need to implement a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) framework to help them better manage multiple suppliers and reduce service complexity, whilst improving efficiency, governance, and cost control.


SIAM is a methodology used to manage multiple service providers and to integrate them seamlessly to provide a single business-facing IT organisation.


Course Objectives:

The EXIN BCS SIAM® Foundation tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the terminology and the core principles. This certification covers themes such as potential benefits as well as the challenges and risks of implementing Service Integration and Management. The SIAM® certification also includes examples of implementation structures, governance, tooling and data considerations and the common processes used in a SIAM ecosystem.


A candidate who successfully completes the EXIN BCS SIAM® Foundation knows how Service Integration and Management delivers business value and is able to contribute to the implementation and use of Service Integration and Management in an organisation.


Target Student:

The certification will create clarity and consensus for anyone involved in service management that takes care of any combination of internal and external service providers.


This includes:

· Consultants

· Service managers

· Project and programme managers

· Business relationship managers

· Change and commercial managers

· Solution Architects


The above list is a suggestion only; individuals may wish to attend based on their own career aspirations, personal goals or objectives. Delegates may take as few or as many Intermediate qualifications as they require, and to suit their needs.



There are no prerequisites for this exam.

Course-specific Technical Requirements Hardware:


Course-specific Technical Requirements Software:
Course Content:

Module 1 - Introduction to Service Integration and Management


Module 2 - SIAM implementation roadmap


Module 3 - SIAM and its relation to other management practices


Module 4 - SIAM roles and responsibilities


Module 5 - SIAM practices


Module 6 - Processes to support SIAM


Module 7 - SIAM challenges and risk

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